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"Massage Courses & Sports Massage Courses at the London School of Massage, the UK's most successful school for massage and body therapy training.  Massage courses and training in London and throughout the UK"

Some of the massage courses and training we offer include:



BTEC Therapeutic & Deep Tissue Massage Courses and Training
"Highest Level in the UK exclusive to the London School of Massage"

BTEC Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology & Therapeutic Massage Course
Level 5 Massage Diploma Course including Certificate in Deep Tissue Massage

btec massage courses and massage training

BTEC & ITEC Combined Diploma Massage Course

This massage course is open to all beginners.

It combines:

It is suitable as a foundation to further advanced massage courses and includes training in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology.

For those who are already qualified in Anatomy & Physiology, you are able to study the Massage course as a seperate subject in our Mixed Mode (APMX) courses.

About this BTEC & ITEC Combined Massage Course ...

This BTEC Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology & Therapeutic Massage course (level 5) provides the firm foundation for the professional practice in massage therapy and forms the basis for study of advanced massage courses and massage therapies.


The BTEC Professional qualification is a well recognised standard which on completion, will allow the practitioner to obtain full professional insurance.

"Study and gain the highest Professional Therapeutic Massage Diploma in the UK - only at the London School of Massage!"

Students have the unique opportunity to study and complete the BTEC Professional Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology & Therapeutic Massage (level 5), which is the highest Massage Qualification in the UK. It is unique to the London School of Massage which is the only school to offer this course and allows the simultaneous completion of the ITEC Massage Diploma course (level 3) at NO EXTRA COST!

Completion of the massage course will leave therapists confident to carry out tailored treatments, not only for relaxation, but also to provide therapeutic massage for the relief of muscular pains and areas of tight knots and tension. It will introduce students to the concepts of Therapeutic Massage and the principles of deep tissue and effective massage techniques.

This massage course will also include the basis of postural observation and show students how to utilise this information to assist in forming a specific client treatment plan.

Our BTEC massage courses are taught by professional and successful practising massage therapists who are all trained above the taught level and who are passionate about the subject.  Each massage course lecturer will impart a wealth of information from their own massage practice as well as using accelerated training methods and NLP techniques to facilitate your learning of the subject.



What will I learn in this Massage Course ...

The course will cover the full syllabus of the BTEC Professional Anatomy, Physioloy, Pathology & Therapeutic Massage Diploma (level 5) and ITEC Anatomy, Physioloy, Pathology & Body Massage Diploma (level 3 QCF) syllabus through formal lectures, practical classes and home assignments.

The massage course will include:

BTEC & ITEC Massage Course Theory & Practice Combined

  • The principles of Holistic Therapeutic Body Massage, and guidance on how to develop a massage routine for each individual client.
  • The benefits of massage and its contraindications
  • Supervised hands on approach to teaching practical massage skills
  • Be able to treat common complaints effectively using "Effective Therapeutic Massage Techniques"
  • Development of a holistic approach - treating the 'mind, body and spirit'
  • Deep tissue massage techniques
  • The proper application of massage techniques and use of body posture
  • Postural Observation and its importance
  • How to palpate structures and what to feel for
  • Identification and location of body surface landmarks - including muscles and bones
  • Use of different massage mediums
  • How to take the body massage further and be able to apply techniques beyond the routine to tailor them to an individual - make them "therapeutic".
  • How to resolve tightness and "knots" in tense muscles using soft tissue and Deep Tissue massage techniques

BTEC & ITEC Human Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology  Combined Course

  • Human Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology, covering all major systems and their functions:
  • Cell Structure and Skin Cellular Composition
  • Muscular and Skeletal Systems
  • Cardiovascular - Heart and Blood Circulation
  • Lymphatic System - Lymph glands and production of Tissue Fluid
  • Neurological System - Brain and Nervous Tissue
  • Endocrine System - Main endocrine organs and role of hormones
  • Respiratory System - Lungs and air pathways
  • Genito-Urinary System - Kidneys and water metabolism

The BTEC program will continue on the above and then explore the above body systems in greater detail

BTEC Professionalism & Business

  • Professionalism, Ethics
  • Concepts and practice of of hygiene
  • Forms of Marketing and how to get yourself noticed
  • UK Business Laws relevant to sound practice
  • Health & Safety related to clinical practice.
  • Setting up a successful massage practice
  • How to get clients
  • In class talks on key aspects and how to tap into the market

Prerequisites for joining this Massage course ...

No formal training, just an genuine interest in massage, further study and helping people.

The level of English required for overseas students is IELTS level 6-7 or equivalent.

The course will involve some computer work and students are requested to have access to a PC or laptop.

Massage Course Length ...

You have a choice of either taking both courses and gaining a BTEC level 5 Professional diploma and ITEC level 3 diploma, or taking just the ITEC diploma by itself.

  • 11 Day Fast track Intensive Course (ITEC)
  • 16 Day Fast Track Intensive Course (BTEC & ITEC Combined course)

"Contact us if you are unsure about which course to choose or would like further information"

You now have the choice of studying this course by THREE different methods to suit your work and lifestyle:

1. FAST TRACK INTENSIVE - You have to attend the school for ALL lectures & practical sessions.
Please refer to the current course timetable for details.

2. WEEKEND FAST TRACK INTENSIVE - You have to attend the school for ALL lectures & practical sessions. Please refer to the current course timetable for details.

3. MIXED MODE FAST TRACK - ALL Anatomy & Physiology theory is done at home via guided learning and you only attend the school for the practical massage lectures (which will include revision of Anatomy & Physiology). Please refer to the current course timetable for details.

For all three modes, the syllabus and exams for the BTEC & ITEC courses are exactly the same respectively.


*** Dates for Summer/Autumn coming Soon ***

What the Exams Consist for this Massage Course ...


  • Completion of 36 case studies
  • Multiple choice examination
  • Written Question Paper
  • Home Assignments
  • A practical examination lasting 1 hour
  • In class assessment and examinations


  • 1 Final Multiple Choice Papers - Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology
  • A practical examination lasting 1 hour
  • Home study - leave ample time to do work at home
  • 8 completed case studies (with minimum of 2 treatments each)
  • In addition to above, 20 further Massage treatments
  • Assignment relating to Business Practice & Holistic Therapies

Note: 36 case studies completed in the ITEC course work can be submitted as part of the BTEC assignments.

Opportunities after Completing this Massage Course ...

Following successful completion of our massage courses, students have progressed to go on and:


btec massage_courses BTEC (Edexcel) is an abbreviation of the Business and Technology Education Council. They are qualifications that are associated with actual jobs and are related to a working environment. In 1996, University of London Examinations & Assessment Council (ULEAC) and BTEC merged to form Edexcel which now offer BTEC qualifications.

BTECs have been around for 25 years and their reputation is second to none. They're recognised by schools, colleges, universities, employers and professional bodies across the UK and in over 100 countries worldwide.

They offer natural progression along a vocational path, from and to academic qualifications and university.

Many industry and professional bodies offer exemptions to successful BTEC students for their own accredited qualifications

Successful completion of this diploma course will provide you with the title of "Therapeutic Massage Therapist", and the knowledge and techniques needed to give a professional and safe massage treatment.

ITEC is a leading international specialist examination board, providing quality qualifications in Complementary Therapies, Sports & Fitness Training. It is approved as an Awarding Organisation (AO) in the UK. As such all QCF qualifications are approved on the Qualifications Credit Framework.
Our ITEC Body Massage courses are recognised by major insurance companies and practitioner insurance is available upon successful completion of this aromatherapy course.

Successful completion of this diploma course will provide you with the title of "Massage Therapist", and the knowledge and techniques needed to give a professional and safe massage treatment.

General Information: Includes ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage.

Inclusive Of: Exam Fees and Coursework

Eligibility: All

Maximum 22, 2 x Tutors per course.

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