Kings Cross: 455 Caledonian Rd,
London N7 9BA
Harrow: 10 Bonnersfield Lane,
Harrow, Middx. HA1 2JR
Birmingham: Avebury House
55 Newhall Street
Birmingham B3 3RB
Tel: 020 7700 3777


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"Massage Courses & Sports Massage Courses at the London School of Massage, the UK's most successful school for massage and body therapy training.  Massage courses and training in London and throughout the UK"

Some of the massage courses and training we offer include:



Scheduled Exam Days


Code Location Awarding Body Booking Status


27th Mar EX24 3.0 Zoom VTCT (ITEC) Theory Full
28th Mar EX24 3.1 Caledonian Rd VTCT (ITEC) Practical Full
29th Apr EX24 4.0 Caledonian Rd VTCT (ITEC) Practical Full
30th Apr EX24 4.1 Zoom VTCT (ITEC) Theory


30th May EX24 5.0 Zoom VTCT (ITEC) Theory Full
31st May EX24 5.1 Caledonian Rd VTCT (Itec) Practical Full
27th Jun EX24 6.0 Zoom VTCT (ITEC) Theory Spaces
28th Jun EX24 6.1 Caledonian Rd VTCT (ITEC) Practical Spaces
26th Jul EX24 7.0 Zoom VTCT (ITEC) Theory Spaces
29th Jul EX24 7.1 Caledonian Rd VTCT (ITEC) Practical  Spaces

Please note the following regarding Exam Days ...

- Date Changes: Whilst the exam days are fixed there are occasions when dates have to be changed, this will always be communicated in advance whenever possible.

- Location Changes: Whilst we endeavour to keep our exams at the designated location, there my be times when we have to change the venue, this will always be communicated in advance whenever possible.

- Practical and Theory Groups: Students are grouped into Practical and Theory groups which are scheduled throughout the exam day at various intervals.  The timings of these groups are published 1-2 weeks before the exam date, once confirmed by the VTCT (ITEC) Examiner. 

- Group Schedules: Whilst we always endeavour to keep students in the same allocated group, it is required by VTCT (ITEC) that each student should be prepared to join an earlier group, should a space become available.  The bonus with this ... you would finish earlier!  We would ask that all students be available on their mobiles for the duration of the exam day.

- What to bring and wear: All LSM students should understand exactly what to wear and what to bring on the day, well in advance of the actual exam date.  For non-LSM or students transferring from other schools please liaise with your own School for the correct procedures.

- Exam Results: the results of your Practical and Theory Exams will be available 21-30 working days after the exam date.

- Rescheduling / Postponing: Once a student is enrolled on an exam then wishes to postpone or reschedule that exam there would be an associated cost. For costs see the Additional Payments page.

- Late Enrolment: providing all assignments and case studies have been completed and approved you can be enrolled on an available exam up to 8-weeks before the exam date, without charge, afterwhich a late enrolement fee of £25.00 will be charged up to 1-week before the exam date. For costs see the Additional Payments page.

- Sickness: Should a student be unable to take the exam due to illness the exam can be rescheduled. If the student provides a formal Doctor's/Specialist's or Discharge Note then the fees to re-enrol are reduced.  Without a formal note, the full re-enrolment fees would be charged. For costs see the Additional Payments page.

- Case Studies / Assignments / Treatment Evidence: It is required that all mandatory coursework associated with the students course is approved and submitted 1-week before the exam date.  Students should refer to their coursework folders or course introduction pages for more information on the coursework submission guidelines.  Late submissions may incur additional fees, for costs see the Additional Payments page.