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"Massage Courses & Sports Massage Courses at the London School of Massage, the UK's most successful school for massage and body therapy training.  Massage courses and training in London and throughout the UK"

Some of the massage courses and training we offer include:



Tok Sen Massage Course
"Massaging with Confidence" Series

Tok Sen Massage Course - Think Tree, CMA, IGCT & IICT Accredited Course

tok sen courses 

Tok Sen Massage Course (IGCT, CMA Accredited)

This Tok Sen Massage course is open to any individuals who have prior training in RQF Body Massage with A&P (Level 3) or higher.

It is open to practising Massage Therapists, Thai Massage Therapists as well as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Sports Science practitioners.

About this Tok Sen Course ...

This Tok Sen course gives you a thorough practical and theoretical grounding in Traditional Tok Sen Massage. It’s an ancient art which originated in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand where a wooden hammer (the kon) and two wooden “chisels” (lims) are used to stimulate acupressure points on the body’s energy lines - in many ways it’s the original massage gun.

It’s highly effective in:

  • Alleviating aches and pains
  • Relaxing stiff muscles
  • Stimulating the circulatory system
  • Clearing energy blockages
  • Reducing stress and anxiety

The name comes from the sound the tapping makes - ‘Tok’, and the word for energy lines - ‘Sen’, thus Tok Sen translates as tapping the energy lines.

Dynamic stretches are also included to help prepare the body for treatment and to relax it afterwards. Tok Sen is an element of Thai Massage which was originally developed in India during the time of the Buddha and is a part of traditional Thai medicine.

The main part of the course is practical hands-on work but we will also cover the history and theory of Tox Sen as well. You will learn a complete traditional routine that can be practiced on its own or incorporated into other modalities.

What will I learn on this Tok Sen Course ...

  • The theory and history of Tok-Sen and Thai Massage
  • Sen Line theory
  • A full 1 hour Tok-Sen routine
  • Self care tips

Tok-Send Course Prerequisites ...

Students must hold an Ofqual accredited Level 3 Diploma in Massage or Thai Massage including Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology - or equivalent, or higher.

Without an accredited Diploma, you may be able to attend the course, but you will not receive an accredited certificate. This may affect your ability to obtain professional insurance.

Without an accredited Diploma you may not be able to join the Think Tree, IICT, or other professional body.

When submitting your Student Details form, you must also supply us with copies of your existing accredited qualifications to receive the course certificate. Supplying this information too late may result in your certificate being printed without the Think Tree and IICT logos. Additional charges may be incurred to print the correct Certificate.

What does accredited mean?

Accredited qualifications are those that are reviewed, recognised and monitored by regulatory bodies in order to make sure that they meet specific criteria and quality standards.

Current UK accrediting bodies are;

  1. Ofqual
  2. SQA
  3. CCEA

You can read more about accredited qualifications here;

Overseas Qualifications

If you have arrived in the UK from overseas and have existing qualifications, those qualifications may meet an acceptable standard in the UK. NARIC can provide an official document that states how your international qualifications compare to UK qualifications with a document called a ‘Statement of Comparability’.

You can also request an 'English Language Assessment' document, which may help determine your current level of English.

You can read more about NARIC here;

If you are unsure of your current course qualifications, please call the office to find out if your current qualifications can count towards this diploma. We will do our best to find out ways in which we can help you to successfully complete this course.

Tok-Sen Course Length ...

This course is taught over 2-days from 9:30am - 5.00pm (approx).

What the Tok-Sen Massage Exam consists of ...

  • In class assessment and feedback

Opportunities on Completing this Tok-Sen Course ...

Upon successful completion of our Spinal Reflexology courses, students can:

  • Incorporate Tok-Sen into their existing practice
  • Expand onto Traditional Thai Massage or Table Thai Massage
  • Develop their Continual Professional Development (CPD) portfolio.


The International Guild of Complementary Therapists is the world-renowned body promoting and setting the standard for Holistic and Complementary Therapists and Course Providers.

The IGCT logo serves as reassurance for anyone looking for a skilled complementary therapist or an accredited course in the various disciplines within the holistic sphere

 CMA accredited London School of Massage The Complementary Medical Association's (The CMA) primary aim is to promote ethical, responsible, professional complementary medicine to the public and the medical profession.
It was established in early 1993 to provide the public and medical knowledge about the complementary medical profession.

CMA is a not-for-profit organisation and any funds raised through its activities are invested straight back into the organisation.

Our accredited Traditional Thai Tok Sen qualifications are recognised by major insurance companies and practitioner insurance is available upon successful completion of this Tok Sen course.

Successful completion of this course will enable you to treat your clients on a more advanced level.



General Information:

Inclusive Of: E-Coursebook and Electronic Certificate

Eligibility: Open to anyone with a Level 3 RQF qualifications in Massage or higher

Maximum 12 per course.

30th July (Kings Cross)Code: TS 1.0

30 - 31st Jul (2 days)

Total £275.00 (Discounted before 23/7/2024) £295.00 Thereafter

Kings Cross

9:30am - 5:00pm approx.


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